Saturday, February 23, 2013

Trucking on.

Mt. Washington with the family.

I apologize for the long time between posts. I am not posting a very long post per usual. Recently my Dad lost his very difficult battle with cancer. My heart is very much broken. Due the saving from living a simple lifestyle. I was able to fly home and even extend a stay with my family. I have really in the last 3 months learned who my real friends are. My husband left for Alaska without me in December. Meaning he missed Christmas, my Son's birthday, valentine's day, 7 year anniversary. All while in that short span I had a small house fire. Which destroyed one side of the wall. Followed by two weeks later my Dad dying. Without GOD and my amazing friends. I don't think I would have been able to function. My amazing PATIENT husband who shows love through action more than words. Flew 17 hours with 4 layovers from Alaska to be with me. Took care of my family without a hitch then flow home 4 days later another 17 hours and 4 layovers. That is love to me. This did push the plans back a small time frame. My son and I will be still moving the house to Alaska. We are just waiting on some small paperwork from the ARMY. For now we are back in the tiny house. Running it off wind and solar. I will just be posting some pictures  Just random order. Bare with me.

My Dad with my son.
LOL at my face. The house, windmill and solar.

The T-shirt I made.
My husband being a smarty pants. The loft in the back shows are bed with are 250 water container.
This is neat.
Random house on the lot. TINY!
The driveway to the new lot in Alaska!

My poor dog after the 3 feet of snow.