Saturday, November 23, 2013


  Alaska is cold!

Seriously man. It is really cold and wet up here. I just shoveled ICE off my driveway.

I have the most respect for natives of Alaska.

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

We have arrived

 We have arrived in Alaska. After a 4,200 mile journey. What a adventure it was. My husband drove the tiny house towed by a U-Haul. I drove the truck towing the solar system and the plow. It was suppose to take a total o 4 days. It ended up taking a total of over a week. All due to a accident we got into right after we crossed the border into Canada. Upon entering the border, we went over a snow drift that turned out to be 4 inches of ice. I did a 360 and landed almost sideways in the snow. The house the same. The accident involved 6 other cars. Thank God no one was hurt. I have to credit the tow company. Removing the U-Haul and the truck from the waist deep snow should have cost thousands. Instead it cost $800. We did rest that night and continued on the journey. The tiny house did received some damage due to the accident. The frame was damaged. After strapping it together several times in the Yukon we carried on. Driving the Alaska highway was in experience of a lifetime. Really crappy rodes carved onto the side of a mountain is the best way to describe it. I am terrified of heights. So its something I will avoid with all my life for the future. We probably changed a tire every 45 miles. Plus it was zero degrees out and a snow storm in APRIL! So on top of driving the tiny house damaged, towing on the side of the mountain, the ground was cover with slippery slushy snow. The positive side of the trail, it was so beautiful. I saw every type of animal I can imagine. Wild horses for me was the highlight. We stayed in the house the entire way. I highly recommend that everyone take a large trip across the country. It really shows you that your so small in such a large world.

 We have been in Alaska for several months now. We are 100% off the grid. We have put the 250 water gallon in the tree. It is gravity feed into the house. With hours and hours of sunlight we have constant power. The vegetables in the garden grew at a very fast rate. Everyone is adjusting to the wonderful weather. We see moose every week. This is the happiest my family has every been. I highly suggest everyone take their family at some point and move away. We love Alaska. It is a place were so many people think outside the box and do as they please. No one has given us crazy eyes because of the house we live in. Matter of fact most people live like this up here!

Some things I have learned in the couple months I'd like to list.

-Do not put your tiny house in the backyard of someone you don't particular get a long with. They won't respect your privacy and space.
-Write your list of daily needs your not willing to part with prior to build.
-People will have nothing but negative things to say about everything.
-Don't let others idea of your life define your decision.
-Canada needs better plow standards.
-Living off the grid has it challenges, but its awesome.
-You know your family, live it for them.
-God is great have faith in him.

Here are some pictures.


Saturday, February 23, 2013

Trucking on.

Mt. Washington with the family.

I apologize for the long time between posts. I am not posting a very long post per usual. Recently my Dad lost his very difficult battle with cancer. My heart is very much broken. Due the saving from living a simple lifestyle. I was able to fly home and even extend a stay with my family. I have really in the last 3 months learned who my real friends are. My husband left for Alaska without me in December. Meaning he missed Christmas, my Son's birthday, valentine's day, 7 year anniversary. All while in that short span I had a small house fire. Which destroyed one side of the wall. Followed by two weeks later my Dad dying. Without GOD and my amazing friends. I don't think I would have been able to function. My amazing PATIENT husband who shows love through action more than words. Flew 17 hours with 4 layovers from Alaska to be with me. Took care of my family without a hitch then flow home 4 days later another 17 hours and 4 layovers. That is love to me. This did push the plans back a small time frame. My son and I will be still moving the house to Alaska. We are just waiting on some small paperwork from the ARMY. For now we are back in the tiny house. Running it off wind and solar. I will just be posting some pictures  Just random order. Bare with me.

My Dad with my son.
LOL at my face. The house, windmill and solar.

The T-shirt I made.
My husband being a smarty pants. The loft in the back shows are bed with are 250 water container.
This is neat.
Random house on the lot. TINY!
The driveway to the new lot in Alaska!

My poor dog after the 3 feet of snow.


Friday, November 2, 2012

Living in the Tiny house full time!



 Living in the house full time!

 I apologize for such a long time between posts. I could not for the life of me remember my password! So much has changed sense my last post. 
Currently we our living in the house full time. It is amazing! I love it so much! I can't believe the difference in my life now. I for one have so much more time. It is so relaxing. I am amazed how great everything has worked out! Nothing has failed. I don't feel so crowed or cramped. I do think I need to downsize more of my clothes.

Not the best picture.

Works great!


 Yes we did put the house on the market for a short time. It was not because we did not enjoy living tiny.  Matter of fact I am beyond happy with my house. It was for 2 different reasons. The thought of carrying such a heavy load to Alaska begun to scare my husband and I. Fear can rule you if you allow it. The other reason was because of a circumstance that I thought I would need to tend to in my life. For the grace of God he worked these things out. I am still beyond afraid to move such a large house to Alaska. So are half the other people in my life. I have a game plan for this. One is to pack enough food to last close to two months. That is the amazing part of trucking your house. That way if God forbid I am stranded. No worries. I have food and water and heat. Basic needs will be met. The other is to give it to God. I have faith he can get me to our new home. Oh and to the others who complained for my listing price. Really!!!!!!!!!!! The materials alone cost close to $20,000. Why on earth would I just give away something I worked so hard on! Be realistic!


Off the Grid.

First let me explain what off the grid means to me. I have been getting several negative response to when David and I say we our off the grid. Everyone assumes because we still have a cell phone and an internet that we are not off the grid. I did not say hiding in the woods preparing for Zombies. I said off the grid. Meaning not connected to a power source or water source. I still have a lower amount of bills than you. So blah on you saying I am not off the grid. I eat all organic. My seeds can be dried and reused. Meaning I have food for life. I eat raw cow’s milk. I boil the water to drink. I don't have an electric bill. I do not have a water bill. I also don't have a mortgage. So I think I am pretty good. Writing that sounds pretty good. Boy! Now to explain. My husband and I met the most amazing person. He has been off the grid sense 1994. He has so much inside information. Coming into his house was amazing. Wood cooking stove. Amazing old doors. He has so much information. I thought we were going for maybe an hour to pick up a solar system. I think we stayed for 8 hours. He designs such an amazing system. He has a vent system for the corrosive acid that it releases. I never saw ANY system with that. He GAVE us a 5 foot trailer. He answers any question I have when I call. I believe I made myself a friend in this purchase. I can't really go into information about the system. I am still in the process of learning it myself. I can tell you that it works great. We also managed to lift a 230 gallon water storage container into the loft. It did somewhat change the space. This is fine. Our shower and sink is currently being feed by gravity. We added gravity pumps to add more pressure. Everything seems to work fine. We will be trucking water in from the base when we get to AK. This is fine. 230 gallons last close to 2 months. So it’s not often. Plus we have a system were the water feeds from the rainfall as well. Oh and today we purchased a windmill! Can't wait for it to arrive! So that means we have 2 solar panels plus eight batteries and soon a windmill!
Well I am just going to add some pictures to see the progress. I apologize for my horrible grammar and miss placed words tonight. I am exhausted from a long day.



The wood stove that is also a cook stove.