Tuesday, July 30, 2013

We have arrived

 We have arrived in Alaska. After a 4,200 mile journey. What a adventure it was. My husband drove the tiny house towed by a U-Haul. I drove the truck towing the solar system and the plow. It was suppose to take a total o 4 days. It ended up taking a total of over a week. All due to a accident we got into right after we crossed the border into Canada. Upon entering the border, we went over a snow drift that turned out to be 4 inches of ice. I did a 360 and landed almost sideways in the snow. The house the same. The accident involved 6 other cars. Thank God no one was hurt. I have to credit the tow company. Removing the U-Haul and the truck from the waist deep snow should have cost thousands. Instead it cost $800. We did rest that night and continued on the journey. The tiny house did received some damage due to the accident. The frame was damaged. After strapping it together several times in the Yukon we carried on. Driving the Alaska highway was in experience of a lifetime. Really crappy rodes carved onto the side of a mountain is the best way to describe it. I am terrified of heights. So its something I will avoid with all my life for the future. We probably changed a tire every 45 miles. Plus it was zero degrees out and a snow storm in APRIL! So on top of driving the tiny house damaged, towing on the side of the mountain, the ground was cover with slippery slushy snow. The positive side of the trail, it was so beautiful. I saw every type of animal I can imagine. Wild horses for me was the highlight. We stayed in the house the entire way. I highly recommend that everyone take a large trip across the country. It really shows you that your so small in such a large world.

 We have been in Alaska for several months now. We are 100% off the grid. We have put the 250 water gallon in the tree. It is gravity feed into the house. With hours and hours of sunlight we have constant power. The vegetables in the garden grew at a very fast rate. Everyone is adjusting to the wonderful weather. We see moose every week. This is the happiest my family has every been. I highly suggest everyone take their family at some point and move away. We love Alaska. It is a place were so many people think outside the box and do as they please. No one has given us crazy eyes because of the house we live in. Matter of fact most people live like this up here!

Some things I have learned in the couple months I'd like to list.

-Do not put your tiny house in the backyard of someone you don't particular get a long with. They won't respect your privacy and space.
-Write your list of daily needs your not willing to part with prior to build.
-People will have nothing but negative things to say about everything.
-Don't let others idea of your life define your decision.
-Canada needs better plow standards.
-Living off the grid has it challenges, but its awesome.
-You know your family, live it for them.
-God is great have faith in him.

Here are some pictures.