Monday, July 2, 2012

Stuff! Stuff! Stuff!



Getting rid of all the extras. Holy stressful! I thought it would be so much easier. Why do I have so much stuff? How many pairs of jeans can one person wear???  I have for the last several days been attempting to down size all the things that I have. I downsized the kitchen in 20 minutes. It was so quick. Maybe it’s because cooking and I will be forever enemies.  Soon it was time to start my clothes closet. Should be simple right? Four hours later and my room is still a huge mess! This stuff is coming from all over the place.  No wonder my house is always messy. Who can keep track of all of this crap! This explains why my laundry is always all over the place. I am starting to realize what a greedy individual I have become. Other nations have starving children. Yet I found the need to purchase and purchase more clothes. I hope that raising my child simple will prevent my child from having this self-entitle need to buy so much stuff.  I hope that he prefers to keep it simple. Perhaps I need a different game plan. Break it down simple. I know the canning jars must stay. I use those all the time. I need to keep the snow pants, duh I am moving to Alaska. That part is simple. I think it may perhaps be time to come up with a different game plan. I have and always will love clothes. I don’t buy from large chain stores. I adore the thrift stores. Most of my clothes are vintage. I know the cowboy boots must stay. I can split wood in those. I know because I have. Now what to do with all the cute shirts and sweaters I have. I am so overwhelmed.  Suggestions?  

Use to be full of purses!

The mess! I though it would be easier.

Cute! Napping when he is suppose to be helping.
I think I have made some progress. Was full of stuff.


  1. Not sure if we will ever live in a small home, but I'm here to learn and have an open mind. Regardless of our current/future residences, one thing I am sure of is the need to purge STUFF. Our dining room table is never clear, shelves and drawers overfloweth, etc. Right now, the goal is to re-prioritize and learn from others. Thanks for taking the time to write about your experiences.

    1. Thank you for stopping by. I agree with the dinning room table never being clear. That is mine right now. Last year I did a huge downsize of stuff. It will be very nice to get rid of so much stuff. A trick I did was, when you using something put a sticker on it. Then you will see what you do not use. Good luck!

  2. I love thrift stores, too! Somebody said to take photos of some of the things I don't wear but seem too precious; then donate back to the thrift store or a friend.Also, if I had to leave because of a forest fire, what would I grab as most important? Good luck!

  3. The stuff magically multiplies!! I always think we do really well being minimal... until we have to move LOL! I think most of that will be eliminated living tiny - there will simply not be room for it anywhere! ;-) Excited to see how your adventure continues!! God Bless!!

  4. Fantastic! Good luck with the move. How do we follow your blog? I will subscribe by e-mail.

    Frank and Pam

  5. I and my two dogs moved from a 1200 sq ft house with 20 years of "I'll need that someday" miscellaneous both in the garage and in multiple junk drawers in the house, to a 15'Lx7'W room that has a shower, toilet, hot water heater and laundry room type sink already taking up space.
    I gave away the things I loved, I just couldn't sell them, like my wrought iron, spiral plant stand, my 8' super comfy couch, boxes of books, plants, dishes etc. Things that ment a lot to me like my Lilies, I gave to a former co-worker who absolutely loved them and will, I know, take care of them as well as I did. I tried to keep in mind that someone would use these things and love my books and I had to convince my mind I was giving someone else a chance to read them and enjoy them.
    Yeah....I cried a lot....but it also felt good to let go of all this stuff.
    I still have some stuff to sell...a king size bed, a fridge and other things so a yard sale is in the planning.
    I have some precious things in storage that will go in my tiny home, where I just don't have room in my little room now to have them out, family pictures and the like.
    I narrowed my clothing to two pair each of good and play jeans, a pair of tennis shoes, a pair of hiking shoes and a pair of thermal boots, I keep my winter stuff packed till needed, narrowed all my clothes down to what I really wear and got rid of the rest. I did the same with all my kitchen and garage stuff which was easy to do, don't use it, got rid of it, especially where I had multiples of things...who needs 4 hammers?
    Good luck with all your doing and the move and I would love to see plans of your house.
    Victoria M.