Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Update with Pictures.

The future view!
Sorry for the long time between posts. We have been so busy with building and working our full time jobs. The postive encourgament we have been getting has been wonderful. We were futured in a local newspaper! I will be posting the link and the story once I have a full day to sit down and add to this blog.

We sold our big house. Well the mobile home we live in. It has been a home to use for four wonderful years. We though we would spend the rest of our lives living in this log cabin theme mobile home. God had other plans. He wants use to live in a very Tiny house in Alaska. I assume most days that God made me for laughter. I really do. The adventure he has us on. One of the things  I have to do is sew. I mean come on, I can't stay focus enough to tie my own shoe. Anyways. I am excited for the new owners to come and take this mansion. They have a huge piece of land and I find I am selling it to another family who shares the joy and love of farming. I pray that she stays in one piece on her journey to their lot. With that being said. I have to actually get focused now. We need to be in the Tiny home by the end of next week. That gives us about 1 week to fully downsize to our new home. Also finish up any last minute things needed to be done in our home. I of course waited for the last minute. Which is the story of my life. I am grateful that my husband understands I work best under pressure. So I need to get moving. With that said. We have put the house on the lot that we will be living on in till we leave for Alaska. We also wont be heading out in till December. The Army said they wont pay for a PCS if we leave early. Good job Army. You think I would be use to this by now. So here is some quick updated pictures of the house right now. By next week I will be fully settled and will have time to do a full blog on the roof and the route. So thank you or being patient.

The future lot.
The distance needed to tow.

Getting it ready.

The new view.
What I see looking out my window.

Mommy and Daddy's loft.
The kitchen. Reclaimed barn wood.
I need to make coverings still.


  1. NICE. It's beautiful inside, very clean and fresh.

  2. Victoria, welcome to Alaska!!! We moved to Anchorage just over a year ago. we hope to buy land and build a tiny house in a few years. I would love to visit you and see your tiny house!

  3. Deborah we have not moved to Alaska yet. We will be moving mid Jan. That is when the Army will pcs us. Was that your ad I saw on craigslist looking for a lot? I was scared of that part in the beginning. We decided to build and go from there. I also contacted people selling land and asking if I could rent it. Which is why we will be going off the grid. Good luck in your adventure

  4. Lovely view Victoria. Your new home looks so cozy. I totally understand not being able to stay focused long enough to tie my shoe, lol. All of God's blessing on you and your family, as you begin this new and exciting adventure in your life. How will you be staying in touch with family and friends once you are off the grid?